Attract Top Talent

As a recruiter, we find the right fit. Our job is to add great people to existing businesses – these people often have rare skill sets, are in demand and can add extreme value to a team or organisation.

Build relationships

We don’t pretend to be an international recruitment firm but instead choose to work with a smaller number of companies and provide a greater level of service. We meet with clients first. Whilst technology will continue to replace parts of the recruitment industry, it’s strong relationships and really getting to know an organisation and their culture that will lead to continued success.

Find the right fit

Our experience and ability to really get to know professionals in the industry allows us to find the perfect fit for candidate AND company. We understand the wants and needs of the talent pool and are able to help companies sell their benefits to the talent.


JM Recruiting is the evolution of the one-man agency created by James MacDonald. In a time where it’s easy to hide behind an obscured named corporate brand, we’re staying true to what our company was built on - authenticity and transparency, while delivering specilised recruitment.



Saves you time

We deliver time savings so that you can spend your time doing what you’re best at, what your customers pay you for.

Greater chance of getting the best talent

Placing an advertisement on Seek will give you access to people who are visiting Seek only that week. We talk with professionals in this market day in, day out, we know the people with the best skills and what drives them to consider moving roles.

We specialise in this market day in day out

We’re not a global ‘brand’ trying to be everything to everyone. We work in a specific niche, in a specific location.



The technology scene

There is a growing buzz around Newcastle in relation to the adoption of technology, startups, IoT and Smart Cities.

The competition for IT and technology talent is fierce as more organisations are increasing their technology spend.

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The technology & digital scene

Sydney is ablaze with companies making significant investments in technology.

Organisations across the board are undergoing digital transformations in a bid to stay relevant and drive success going forward.

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